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If you are a YouTuber or you just starting your career in YouTube, therefore, you want more and more views on your YouTube video. How is it possible, if your video is rank on 1st position in your targeted keywords?

In this article, I’m going to show you “Best 6 Video SEO Tips” by which you easily rank your video number #1 on YouTube as well as in Google. Here I will granted show you the best possible way to rank your YouTube video.

I’m Rajeev and the founder of (Bring Your Own Technology). The place where you discover your own brightest sight.

And today you’re going to learn the 6 most influential video SEO ranking factors to get your videos to the top of YouTube fast. So stay tuned with us.

My Story –

A few years ago, my YouTube Channel was struggling. I consistently produced high-quality videos that used to provide a piece of great information. But when I published my videos, no one saw it. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I knew that the video was a powerful way to “Increase My Online Business”, but I learned this hard way that the video works only when people actually see your video.

And know that your sister or mother is watching your video, does not count. Believe me. But today my videos get tens of thousands of views and hundreds of people subscribe to my channel each month.


My secret is that I learned everything about “VIDEO SEO”.

Unfortunately, most of the advice I initially read about ranking YouTube, was not working. You know what advice I’m talking about.

Don’t take it very seriously –

  1. Put your keyword in your video description
  2. Put keywords in your video file name
  3. Right 20 tags for every video.

Of course, this stuff can help, but it is NOT going to rock your video at the top of YouTube or Google. Why?

Because everyone is doing the same thing on YouTube. After trying all the general advice which I did not find and found anywhere. I decided to run a bunch of experiments and this is what I learned. Does your YouTube video actually have a tin ranking?

In particular, I searched for YouTube’s 6 most important ranking factors and these ranking factors about which very few people know. Once I apply these ranking factors to my video, my ranking goes through the roof. I started ranking for super competitive keywords such as link building, SEO, how to get traffic, etc.

And now it’s time for me to share these “Best Six Ways to Rank YouTube Video” with you and show you exactly how to use them to rank your videos on YouTube.


Let’s start with


How to Rank YouTube Video


Video SEO – Tip 1


It’s no question that Google and YouTube are becoming more smart every day, which means that the keywords that put your video on top of YouTube have gone a long time.

Said that Google and YouTube both use your video title to understand what your video is like. So make sure to include your exact keyword once in your title at the beginning of your title.


Video SEO – Tip 2


You may have ever noticed that longer videos on YouTube perform better. Why?

By the way, YouTube’s most important ranking factor is the total watch time of your video. As you probably know, the more people watch your videos, the better it is. This is called audience retention, which is an important ranking factor.

Although viewer retention is important, it is not as important as the total watch time of your video. That’s because YouTube wants to promote videos that keep people on YouTube for a long time. So many more people will watch your video, the more YouTube would like to rank it in search results.


For example, suppose you have published two separate videos.

Video – 1 is 2 minutes long and video – 2 is 10 minutes long and let’s say that each video is viewed 1000 times and the audience retention for both videos is exactly 50 %. This means that the average people watch half of your video. The total watch time for the 2-minute video will be 1000 minutes, but for longer video total watch time will be 5000 minutes. This means that the total watch time of video – 2 is five times of video – 1.



Which means that likely outrank video 1. That’s the power of long video.


Video SEO – Tip 3


When I first started with video SEO, I go back to the old video and optimize them around the keywords that I wanted to rank and it works very little. That’s because Google and YouTube can listen to your video without transcription.

For example, suppose you published a video about the diet plan. After a few weeks, you find that the keyword diet plan is very competitive. That’s why you go back and adapt it around a different keyword like a healthy food plan. It sounds smart now, but it’s something that does not work with it.


Even if the keyword is a healthy diet plan in your title, description, and tag, but you have not said that keyword once in the video.



YouTube knows this and it looks messy. Your video on YouTube is about the Diet Plan, but on page metadata, you all say that it’s about a healthy eating plan so they will not rank you for the keyword. That’s why I always make sure that my goal keyword is actually called in every video.

For example, in my video about Video SEO, I made sure to say Video SEO terms for a while. Simple yet effective.


Video SEO – Tip 4


As I said, the longer video now ranks because they store more total watch time. But there is a big problem with this approach. You have to take care of everyone. Luckily on the Internet, my experiments have taught me that if you can hook someone in the first 15 seconds of your video, you can hook them up for good.

In fact, YouTube also recommends that you pay attention to the first 15 seconds of your video so that the maximum time can be seen. The question is how do you hook people in the first 15 seconds of your video?


Start your video with PPP Formula, PPP stands for preview, proof, and preview.



Here’s exactly how it works. First preview what your video is all about.

When I first started making a video, my intro would go forward and about why my video topics are important and these long-running intro people will be able to overcome. Today I cut these types of blunders and told them what to expect really.

For example, let’s see your video outlines 10 loose weight tips. You want to start off your video saying in this video you’re going to learn top 10 my favorite weight losing tips.


That’s it. Next, it’s time for the proof. Here’s proof that you can deliver.

For example, let’s look at the outline of your video 10 weight loss tips. You want to start telling your video that you are going to learn the top 10 of my favorite weight loss tips in this video.


After this, it is time for PROOF. Here’s the proof that you can distribute.


You can mention that you have already completed what the audience wants, that you have so much experience in your field or have you researched about a ton of your subject.

For example, you might say, “These are the tips I used to lose weight by 100 kg in 45 days.


Finally hit them with the preview again.

Here we repeat about your video. Now you clearly want to repeat only what you said at the beginning. Instead of mentioning something specific to your video. You are the number of tips, a description from a case study or you are going to completely share new ones.


This will make your viewers curious and want to keep watching.

For example, you could say and today you’re gonna learn about the so-called healthy paleo diet food that’s actually bad for you.


Video SEO – Tip 5


YouTube wants to see that people are actually interacting with your video. The more people subscribe and comment on your videos, the more your video will rank in the YouTube search result.

Now the strategies you have seen so far will help you naturally achieve these user interaction signals more. But there are two simple strategies that I use on each video to increase the user interaction signal of my video.


First I add an invitation that asks people to like my video.

Second, at the end of my video, I also ask people to subscribe and comment, which also increases the amount of my video’s user interaction signals. I was originally going to end the video right here,


Video SEO – Tip 6


When someone searches for something on YouTube, YouTube cares much about what video he clicks on.

For example, suppose the rank number is five for your target keyword. As you probably know, the video coming on number one through four numbers gets a lot of clicks


But for some reason, many people are clicking on your video in search results.



What do you think YouTube will think about your video? This is a great result for this keyword and they will promote a video or ranking to make it easier for people to find you.



So how do you maximize your click-through rate?

Well, YouTube displays 3 pieces of information in search results.

1st is your title

2nd is your thumbnail,

And the last one is a snippet of your details.


Here’s a way to quickly customize all 3 for clicks through rates. The queue with your thumbnail is just that it stands out. This means that you want to create a custom thumbnail that looks different from other videos on the first page.


For a title, as I mentioned earlier, you want to include your target keyword once. Your goal should be to maximize your clicks through your target rate.


In the end, you want to write something compelling in the first few lines of your description. Most people put a link to their web site or channel here and this is a big mistake. Clicking on a link from someone’s web site does not seem to be captivating. Instead, type a sentence or two in which your goal keyword is compellingly involved.

For example, my first sentence in my “Video SEO” is “If you want to rank your video #1 on YouTube today, there is a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to.” And more people click on this result for this attention-grabbing line.


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Question for You –

Now I want to turn it over to you. Which of the 6 YouTube video ranking tip of this article are you going to try first? Are you going to try to make long videos or you might be able to optimize your video via click-through-rate?

Leave a comment below and tell me now.

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