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Best SEO Tools 2019

Tools are essential for the practice of SEO and for a better understanding of how the industry works, but many of these are very expensive. Do you find SEO confused and difficult?

Do not worry, we’ve all been there. But, what if you are told that there are a handful of tools that are excellent for beginners and that will solve all your SEO problems?

Hello everyone, I’m Rajeev and today I will share with you the 5 best SEO tools for beginners and best SEO Tools 2019. Before starting, be sure to follow my blog (

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Let’s begin: –
1. MOZ

The first tool I have for you is MOZ. MOZ is a really simple and easy to use SEO tool, especially for beginners. They have a nice user interface, where you add your website and show you all the errors. These errors will be you’re on the page. Do you have duplicate content? Are the title cards in bad condition? In any case, MOZ will check your website and warn you if something goes wrong. It will also tell you what urgent problems you need to solve first and which are not.

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If you’ve heard of MOZ, leave a comment below that says yes. Otherwise, leave a comment saying no. I’m just curious to see how many of you have used MOZ, or have even heard of it.

2. Aherfs

The second and one of the most important tools I have for you is Aherfs. Aherfs has an amazing feature called the connected intersection. The link that crosses the two links shows who makes the connection with your three main competitors, but not with you.

If I like using the intersection of links, it’s because if people connect with many of their competitors, they’re probably even willing to connect with you.

If you go to a website that only refers to one of your competitors, it will be very difficult to send them an email and convince them to connect. But if someone connects with a handful of competitors, it means that they are always open to the possibility of connecting with more and more people in their space. And that’s why you want to use the intersection link.

3. Ubersuggest

The third tool I have for you is Ubersuggest. What Ubersuggest allows you to do is find more keywords. What happens with SEO is that you need more keywords. The more keywords you target, the more traffic you can generate.

You will find that you have already classified some keywords over time or that you will classify them over time. When determining the keywords for which you are ordering, what generates your traffic, you need to enter them in Ubersuggest. It will show you all the variants of the long tail of these keywords.

For example, I rank digital marketing on the first page of Google. By incorporating digital marketing into Ubersuggest, it will show me all other terms similar to digital marketing. And because I qualify for the main terms, Ubersuggest gives me the long-term terms. These are three sentences of four words.

By incorporating these three, four sentences of five words into my content, this page already classified in digital marketing, I will discover that I will quickly begin to classify all long-term terms within 30 days.

To do this, you need to integrate and integrate these relevant keywords into your article. Sometimes, you can simply add them, but you’ll also need to develop your content to make them more readable. Do not just add keywords, you must follow the article or the website with which you do it.

4. Buzzsumo

The fourth tool for you is Buzzsumo. When you try to understand what content to write, the last thing you want to do is write content that nobody wants to read. But here’s the good part of Buzzsumo. There is already a lot of content in your space.

Enter keywords in your space and Buzzsumo will show you all the popular elements that have worked well. He wants to take this, do not copy these articles, but give him an idea of what people like or do not like.

Buzzsumo bases this on social exchange. So, you know that if you create content like this, you’ll be successful on the social web.

It’s on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you understand the point. That’s why he wants to use Buzzsumo because the last thing he wants to do is write content that nobody wants to read.

5. Keywords everywhere

The fifth and last tool for you is Keywords everywhere. Keywords Everywhere is a free extension to Chrome that displays related keywords and the search volume for those phrases when you search on Google.

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