Nowadays, technologies or computers are all around us. We are totally covered by these things. From desktop computers to mobile phone or tablet, they are changing the way we live our lives.

But have you ever think, “What exactly is a computer?” what is the actual definition of a computer. If you no idea what is the actual definition of the computer then don’t we worry here I tell you all possible definition of computer and all about the computer.

Here we discuss: -
1.Computer definition.
2.Types of Computers:
3.Full Form of Computer:
4.History of the computer
5.Basic terms that are used in Computers:
6.Functionalities of a computer:
7.The advantage of the computer:
8.The disadvantage of a computer:
So let’s start: –
Computer definition – 1:

The computer is a digital electronic device, it takes input and gives the output according to input. Means computer takes only 0 and 1 format of data.

Computer definition – 2:

A computer is an electronic machine which takes data through input device then processes and generates its result through an output device.

Computer definition – 3:

A computer is an electronic device. Which process raw data under a set of instructions to produce a piece of meaning information with its characteristics.

Computer definition – 4:

A computer is an electronic device that processes data or “information.”

These are the all possible definition of the computer in 2019.
Let’s talk some more about the computer:

The computer sees the data as 1 and 0 but knows how to combine them into more complex things, such as a movie, photography, games, website and much more.

Computers use a combination of hardware and software. 

The hardware is any physical part of the computer, which includes all internal components and also external parts such as monitors and the keyboard. The software is a set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do, such as a multimedia player, a web browser or a word processor.

When most people say “computer”, they are talking about a personal computer. It can be a desktop computer or a laptop, which has basically the same capabilities but in a more portable package.

Personal computers come in two main styles:

  1. PC
  2. And Mac.

PCs are the most common type. There are many different companies that manufacture them, and they usually come with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Mac computers or Macintosh computers are made by only one company, Apple, and come with the Mac OS X operating system.

Types of Computers:

Computers come in many other shapes and sizes. Tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, and even televisions all have built-in computers, although they may not do everything a desktop computer or laptop can do.
There is another type of computer that plays an important role in our daily lifestyle: the servers.
A server serves information to other computers in a network. In fact, every time you use the Internet, web servers deliver the web page you want to see on your computer. The servers are also used in many offices to store and share files. As you can see, there are many different types of computers, and they affect our lives in different ways.

Full Form of Computer:

The basically the means of the whole computer is – Commonly Operating Machine Particularly Used Technical, Education, & Research.
And the full form of the Computer is –
  • C stand for – COMMON
  • stand for – OPERATING
  • M stand for – MACHINE
  • P stand for – PERSONAL
  • U stand for – USED FOR
  • T stand for – TRAINING
  • E stand for – EDUCATION
  • R stand for – RESEARCH

History of the computer

1.The first-time computer made in China and that computer is called “ABACUS”.
2.Abacus made in 2500 BC.
3.The main purpose of ABACUS is to subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division.
4.The fathers of the computer are Charles Babbage.

Basic terms that are used in Computers:

1. Keyboard = keyboard is one of the most important parts of the computer. It is the most important input device and like a typewriter. But it has some additional keys.
A computer keyboard has three types of keys –
  • Function keys – [F1 – F12]
  • Alphanumeric keys – [A to Z, 0 to 9 and all symbols]
  • Special keys – [@#$&^&*]
2. Windows = yes window is the part of a computer, basically, it is a software part of the computer. A window is an OS (operating system). It is also called a GUI – [Graphical User Interface] operating system. 
It is very popular and user-friendly operating system. It’s all application can be shared so we can say windows and its applications are easy to learn and use.
3. Desktop = the area of the screen which displays various component of GUI – [Graphical User Interface] called desktop.
4. Recycle bin = recycle bin is like a dust din. When we delete any file or folder it is automatically moved in recycle bin. We can restore or permanently delete it.
5. DOS = DOS is an operating system. It is also CUI – [Character User Interface].
There are two types of the Dos – PC- Dos, MS-Dos. Both are the same product but developed by two different company.
PC-Dos is developed by – IBM [International Business Machine]
IBM Company and MS-Dos are developed by Microsoft Company.
MS-Dos is very popular and maximum use in the whole world
Here PC stands for personal computer and MS stand for Microsoft.

Functionalities of a computer:

The functionalities of a computer are the following:
1.A computer takes data as input.
2.It stores the data/instructions in its memory and uses them when required.
3.It processes the data and converts it into useful information.
4.It generates the output of the given input by the users.

The advantage of the computer:

These are the main advantages of computer
1.High speed
3.Storage capacity
8.Reduction in paperwork
9.Reduction in cost

The disadvantage of a computer:

These are the main disadvantages of any computer
2.Side effect on the environment.
3.No feelings.


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