How To Decrease The Bounce Rate

If your website or blog is not ranking on Google and you are also upset with the increase in bounce rate, do not worry about all your problems.

In other words, visitors comes your site and they did not spend so much time that’s why your bounce rate is too much high and your website didn’t rank on google.

Hi everyone, this is Rajeev and today I will show you how to reduce or decrease the bounce rate. One factor that Google relies on to determine if they need to rank their site higher or lower is the bounce rate.

How many people visit your website and just jump right. If they leave immediately, it means they cannot find what they are looking for and the bounce rate of the website is increasing.

So let us know how to reduce the bounce rate of our website:-


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These are the Best 5 Advance Techniques To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Websites:-

  1. Add the image and video
  2. Cross-link
  3. Size of your text is large enough
  4. Make your website very minimalist.
  5. Show the product or the content first.
STEP-1 👉Add The Image and Video

The first things, afterward, be sure to add the image. The images are visually appealing, people stay there. Images can be an image, a video or an audio file. In fact, it is another type of content that is not text-based, keeps users busy and decreases the bounce rate.

Insert videos in your blog post and this will help you decrease the bounce rate, but more, which will increase the time spent on the site, which will help you to update in particular on Google Panda update. So, why do not you want to embed other videos?

And I did it with audio files, podcasts, I also tried to create tools and scripts like this, even if it’s something simple, like calculators. All these things will help keep people in place longer, this gives them more value as long as the content that embeds makes sense with the page.

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STEP-2 👉Cross Link

Step second, the next thing to do is a cross-link. As you link your content to other pages on your website, you’ll notice that people will start spending time exploring the entire site instead of bouncing on that page.

STEP-3 👉Size Of Your Text Is Large Enough

The next thing, make sure the size of your text is large enough. What I found when the size of your text is really small increases the bounce rate, which is difficult to read for people, especially if they use mobile devices.

STEP-4 👉Make Your Website Very Minimalist

Make your website very minimalist. If you go to my website, you will realize that I have many things to do. Over the years, I will reduce it, but I still have to do a better job of eliminating many of my sidebar elements. I did a test in which I just presented the content before the publication of the blog and we do it on the blog of technicalopedia blog.

So if you are doing technicalopedia and you are viewing some of the blog posts, you will notice that we only present the content. Why are we doing it? Since this reduces the bounce rate compared to large sidebars, with all these calls to action, simply giving the reader or visitors what they want first is a great way to reduce the rebound rate.

STEP-5 👉Show The Product Or The Content First.

The last thing you should do is show the product or the content first.

If people visit your site because it’s a technical site, be sure to show off your gadgets. If they come to your site you spread excellent knowledge or you have an informational site, be sure to show the text first.

I used to do it wrong, my blog, I presented my subscription options, And then you have to scroll under the fold before going to the content, but you know what’s going on, my bounce rate was high. When I removed these opt-ins and these ads above the fold, and for the first time I showed the product or content, my bounce rate decrease.

If you do things right, people stay longer on your website, your bounce rate will decrease and you’ll get a higher Google ranking over time.


Thank You🙏…
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