Money money money !!! Nowadays everyone just wants to earn money sitting at home, and you will also get many applications, software, and websites on the internet, where they make promotions of her website and software just by making false promises of earning money, but in this blog, And will tell you some simple ways to make money without money.

how make money through blogging


Here is how to make money from a blog:

  1. Set up your blog creative.
  2. Start creating useful content. You use those types of content those people search in our day-to-day life.
  3. Get off your blog and start finding readers. Daily learn something new.
  4. Build engagement with the readers that come.
  5. Start making money from the readership you have through one or more of a variety of income streams.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money (Income Streams)?

These are streams of income. There are 5 main ones, with a lot of possibilities under each:-

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Physical Products
  4. Digital Products
  5. Services


As an affiliate marketer, you promote someone else’s product or service like Amazon, Flipkart to your readers. You create a link to this product or service using your unique affiliate link.

When someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase (or completes a desired action defined by the company), you earn a commission. There are thousands of affiliate programs to join. Some of whom I participate:

  • Amazon Associates – Get paid when readers buy Amazon products through your links.
  • Genesis – The WordPress theme that I use and recommend. More here.
  • Bluehost – The host I recommend to new bloggers in this post.
  • Amazon Influencer Program – Another Amazon program that gives you your own Amazon shop like mine here.
  • Affiliation Acceleration – An excellent course by a blogger friend.
  • Target – I like Target.

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite and most profitable sources of income. You can showcase products or services you use and like without having to create or maintain this product yourself.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing in a much deeper way in Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (Free).


Companies want their products known to their potential customers. They may be interested in advertising on your blog if your readers are their ideal customers. Here are ways to integrate advertising into your blog:

  • Show Ads – Charts in your sidebar, header, footer, or in your content.
  • Gifts and critics – Businesses provide you with free products (and hopefully monetary compensation) and you highlight them on your blog.
  • Sponsored or subscribed posts – Companies pay you to write posts mentioning them or mentioning their product.
  • Newsletter / Video / Podcast Sponsors – Announcements in emails or mini-advertisements in episodes of videos or podcasts.

It’s easy to start advertising, making it a popular source of income for many bloggers. However, it’s not as lucrative as it used to be and it takes a lot of traffic to be really profitable.

In addition, this can frustrate your readers (you have never been on a site that to be attacked by ads?) And give your site an inexpensive and unsophisticated. Therefore, this is not one of my main recommendations.


Some bloggers sell physical products. Some examples:

  • Books – Many bloggers have become traditionally published authors because of their blogs.
  • Handmade products – Are you a manufacturer?
  • Manufactured Products – Many bloggers find a manufacturer that can turn their idea into reality.
  • Retail arbitrage – Can you find good deals? Turn around and sell them for profit on sites like Amazon.
  • Conferences, courses or special events in person: exchange something tangible (money) for a ticket for an in-person experience.

Bloggers have started selling physical products in recent years. This can be profitable but can become complicated with manufacturing, inventory conservation, shipments, returns, etc.

Some bloggers reduce the hassle of producing physical products through drop shipping or POD (print on demand).


Most of the bloggers create and sell their own digital products. Because Digital products are interesting they do not require inventory and can be distributed quickly and easily.

There is no overhead and low risk. Examples of digital products created by bloggers:

  • Scholarships – Teach others what you know and sell it again and again.
  • Courses or workshops online – Teaching, but live.
  • EBooks – Self-publishing is very profitable for many.
  • Premium Content – Content that others must pay to access it.
  • Membership Sites – A mix of teaching and community.
  • Photos – Many photographers sell their photos online.
  • Audio or Video – Create music jingles, voiceovers or video clips.
  • Applications, plugins or themes – Ideal for those who love the code.

This is another one of my favorite income streams. My first digital product was my e-book Tell Your Time: How to manage your schedule so you can live for free and sell yourself every month. Another of my digital products is the Know book, a form of premium content.


Some bloggers use the expertise related to their blog topic and are paid when others hire them. Services can be offered locally or virtually. Examples:

  • Talking – Many bloggers find talking gigs because of the platforms they build on their blogs.
  • Virtual Assistance – Read my post How to become a virtual assistant for my experience and many ideas.
  • Freelance – Provides a customer service similar to virtual assistance.
  • Organize, decorate, cook – Some bloggers offer personalized services to their local readers.

Providing a service is a great way to make money fast because start-up costs are low, you need little or no inventory and you get paid for a skill you already have. The disadvantage is that it is not scalable; you only have too much time, which means that you can only earn what your time allows you.

5 Extra Tips to Make Money Through Blogging

  1. Use as many revenue streams as you can reasonably manage. Diversification is the key.
  2. Excellent content is the key to long-term success. There is no way to get around it.
  3. Each blogger has a different mix of income streams. There is no “good” way and it is its beauty. There are infinite possibilities. Find a combination that works for you.
  4. Do not be a clone of another blogger. Find a unique angle.
  5. Successful bloggers do not create a blog just to make money. Instead, they blog about something they really like and can write about for years. They let the money come out of this subject in an organic way.
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