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HEY!! Everyone I’m Rajeev the founder And today again I come with the solution to a big problem, and the problem is “how to rank a YouTube video”. In this blog, I give you all possible ways which help in video ranking. I am going to tell you “10 BEST WAYS TO RANK VIDEO ON YOUTUBE


Let’s find out today how to rank a video on YouTube #1. In fact, the SEO tips I’m about to share with you helped me rank among hundreds of different keywords.


Now I should warn you. I do not give you general advice like using video tags. You already know that. Instead, you’ll see little known SEO tips that currently work.

So without wasting any time let’s start –




TIP – 1


tip-1-how to rank youtube video

You know which keyword you have to rank your video on but how YouTube knows what do you want? Now what you have to do put your targeted keyword first in your YouTube’s video title.

For example, suppose you want to rank your video on this keyword – “HOW TO RANK YouTube VIDEO”. Most people would use a title like this.


Well, this title is awful or similar, but it can make this title even more SEO friendly by placing your targeted keyword first. A title loaded with a keyword in front would look like this.


In fact, this little tip boost your video little bit,


Tip – 2



Last year, I conducted the largest research on detection factors on YouTube. In particular, I analyzed 1.3 million YouTube search results to find out why certain videos rank higher than others.

So, what do we find?

I’ve found videos with a lot of signs of engagement exceed videos with little engagement. So, what are the signs of engagement that helps people to connect like likes, comments, share, and subscribers? In general, whenever someone comments or like your video, it tells peoples loves your video.

The question is how can you get more people to comment on your videos?

From a lot of tests? I found that making a hyper-specific call for action at the end of your video works best.

The question is, how can you get more people to comment on your YouTube videos?

Boost video engagement signals.

You’ll always see that most of the YouTubers use a common call to action. “Leave a comment” or “Tell me what you think”.

But I’ve found that the hyper-specific call to actions works much better. So rather than give a general “leave a comment”, give something to your viewers to comment on.

For example, at the end of my video or even my blog, I ask my readers which of the two video strategies they will try first. And because I comment incredibly easily.


TIP – 3


youtube ranking factor tip 2


According to my ranking factor study, tags play a very important role as they used to be. Tag make a difference

Unfortunately, most of the YouTubers use completely incorrect tags.


That means you do not need many tags to get the job done.

In fact, if you use a lot of tags, you’re just going to confuse YouTube and Google. And you will not have a clue what your video is about.

And if YouTube does not understand what your video is about, it will not be rank at all. That’s why I recommend using a small number of highly specific labels.

Now the question is how we use tags

   Your first tag is your video title.

For example – suppose your video’s title is about “YouTube SEO” then your first tag is YouTube SEO.

   Now create two to three tags that are alternative versions of your main keyword.

For example – create tags like – how to rank YouTube video, YouTube SEO tips, etc…

Finally, use one or two general terms as the last set of terms. These tags describe your video topic or the industry of your videos. The goal of these broad labels is simply to give YouTube more context for your video.


TIP – 4


how to boost ranking in youtube

You probably already know that the percentage of clicks is an important factor in the YouTube ranking. In other words, if your video receives an above-average number of clicks, then YouTube boost your video ranking.

The question is, how can you get more clicks? Use CTR magnet thumbnails.

What is the meaning of CTR magnet thumbnails? Your thumbnails are strategically designed to get more clicks on YouTube searches.

Here is the step-by-step process

First, use non-YouTube colors in your thumbnail.

What is the meaning of non-YouTube colors? Well, the main colors on the YouTube website are White, Red and Black.


If you use the same colors in the thumbnail view, they will be mixed. Instead, I recommend using colors that are in contrast to the YouTube color scheme. Blue, Light green, gray, purple, and orange.

Use large, bold text in your thumbnail.

My experience has taught me that thumbnails with text get more clicks and thumbnails without text get fewer clicks. That means your thumbnail is pretty small. So you do not have much space to work. For this reason, I recommend using a maximum of 30 characters.


TIP – 5


tip-5-its helps to boost your video ranking in youtube

When I started my YouTube channel, I did not care about my video descriptions.


From many tests. I found that the long descriptions helped the videos get a better ranking on YouTube.

Because the longer descriptions help YouTube understand what your video is about.


For this reason, I recommend making your descriptions between one hundred and two hundred words.


TIP – 6


how to rank youtube videos

What works best for SEO videos? Long videos or short videos?

Well, as I analyzed 1.2 million YouTube videos, I noticed that the longer videos rank much better and much higher as compared to the short video.

Well, a few years back, YouTube said we’re focusing on those videos that will extend the time that viewers spend watching videos on YouTube.

INCREASE VIDEO LENGHT - youtube ranking factor 6

In other words, YouTube loves the videos that people use to see them for a long time.

INCREASE VIDEO LENGHT - youtube ranking factor 6

In my experience, this is the ideal way to rank in YouTube search results.


TIP – 7


use bracket in your video title to rank your video

As I mentioned earlier, YouTube uses click-through rate as the ranking factor.

And yes, your thumbnail is a big part of the equation. But do not forget your title. It’s huge. Actually, YouTube notes that

use bracket in your video title to rank your video

“Well-written titles can make the difference between someone watching, sharing, or moving in your video.”

One of the simplest ways to increase click-through rate is to add parentheses or bracket in the title of your video. In fact, a study commissioned by HubSpot found that titles increase click-through rates by up to 38% by adding parentheses in title.

For example, say you’ve just published a video that describes “how to rank a YouTube video” and its original title is –

use bracket in your video title to rank your video

Well, according to the HubSpot study, the title has been changed to this one.

YouTube ranking factor 7

You can increase your clicks by more than a third. The bracket work so well that I use them in almost all the titles of my videos. And here are some examples of things that you can put in brackets or parentheses that work really well.

YouTube ranking factor 7


TIP – 8


tip 8 to boost video

YouTube SEO is more than a ranking in search results. In fact, you can get the same number of views, by showing your video as a suggestive video. Suggested video is when your video is showing next to another video in YouTube sidebar.

how to rank video

So if you can display your video next to a very popular video, you’ll steal some of its views.

And, if you want your video show up in the suggestion bar. Use the same tags that your competitor use.

If YouTube finds that some of its tags match those of a popular video, it’ll understand that its video is the same topic. That means you’ll probably rank your video as suggestive video.

If you want to see the video tag used by your competitors, you should see the source code of that page. For the source code, you need to open the video in Google Chrome and right-click and enter the source of the view page source.

You can also use a tool like Buddy or IQ video that lets you view the tags of the videos without having to check the source code.

Next, copy and paste the exact tags word to word.

how to rank video

If your video is of high quality and is closely related to the popular video, YouTube ranks it as a suggested video.


TIP – 9


9 ways to rank your video on youtube

YouTube users want to see current and relevant content. How do you really show that your content is useful today? By showing the dates

9 ways to rank your video on youtube

Mention the current year in the title of your video.

If you add the current year and title of your video. Your result will be immediately highlighted in the search results and in the suggested sidebar of the videos. This means that you get more clicks and views.

9 ways to rank your video on youtube

As an added benefit, many people search for a keyword + year on Google and YouTube.

9 ways to rank your video on youtube

So, adding the year to the title and description of your video gives you a higher ranking for those keywords + year keyword.

For example, if your title looks like this, just add the current year, and you’ll instantly get a title that will get you a higher percentage of clicks.



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