Hello, guys, I have brought you very wonderful information again today, today’s topic is very co-relate with our day to day lifestyle. Our today’s topic name is what the advantage of the internet is and what the disadvantage of internets is. Before we start a discussion on the advantage of the internet and the disadvantage of the internet, let’s know something about what is the internet?
Advantage of Internet and Disadvantage of Internet.
The Internet: Advantage of Internet and Disadvantage of the Internet.

What is the internet?

The Internet is the way to communicate between two or more computer and it is a way to transfer or exchange the data between two or many computers. The Internet doesn’t only mean I have data then I have internet, if you are able to connect with another system or PC this is also mean that you have an internet. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT INTERNET: – FATHER OF INTERNET
The internet has proven to be very useful and has come with lots of advantages. Everything has two sides one is good and another is bad. Same as it is internet has two faces, sometime it might play is very useful and sometimes it has a bad effect on our body or environments. So if you want to know what are the main advantage and disadvantage of the internet then stay with us. Here are some internet advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet: Advantage of Internet and Disadvantage of the Internet.

Let’s talk firstly about good think, so come here

The advantage of the internet

1.    Huge collection of knowledge:
If you have any query any question which one related to any other subject no matter you got all answer just in a second by the google, yahoo or Bing or many more. The Internet is the storage of knowledge.
Advantage of the internet


2.    Always connect with people:
By the internet, you always connect with people via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many apps. When the internet did not available for the people, it took many years for people to talk to each other.  But when it comes it takes a huge revolution in the whole world, by just one click people connect which each other. I think it’s a great revolution.
Advantage of the internet


3.    Fun and games:
This is one of the main reasons why the internet is soo famous. Because everyone wants enjoyment and the internet gives you lots of games, movies package, music and also celebs gossips. If you are feeling bored then the internet is your great time pass.
Advantage of the internet


4.    Online services and e-commerce:
Money transfer is one of the biggest problems. If you want to urgently transfer your money in another place or other country it might take a very long time and a very long procedure. But now just one click, really it is a very great thing.
Advantage of the internet


5.    Medical consultancy:
This is one of the main advantages of internet medical consultancy. Suppose suddenly you got an attack and you not able to go to the hospital then what you do, by the google you resolve your problems or even you call your doctor (video call). So I think this is the main advantage of the internet.
Advantage of the internet


These are also some great advantages of the internet
1.    People can buy from an online store like Amazon, eBay.
2.    Pay any type of invoice with a single click, such as electricity bill, water bill or mobile invoice.
3.    Communicate with friends and family through WhatsApp or skype or facebook.
4.    Watch the latest video on YouTube.
5.    And also earn from YouTube.
Now the turn is bad thinks The Disadvantage!

Disadvantages of the Internet:

1.    Data leakage:
Be sure to use a reliable payment processor instead of sending your data directly to a person or company. Because data is much more than important to money. So use secure payment mode.
Disadvantages of the Internet:



2.    Addiction to the internet:
Addiction to internet woos real disease. No medical treatment safe you. Some people spend most of their time on social media, internet surfing or video streaming do these things but in limit not unlimited.
Disadvantages of the Internet:


3.    Email spamming:
Now, these days email spamming is increasing day by day. Email spamming is someone send you virus affected mail again and again and if you open click on email your data is stolen or even your computer or mobile is hacked. So email spamming is one of the biggest disadvantages of the internet.
Disadvantages of the Internet:


4.    Adult quality content:
Adult quality content main distraction of the children. Ignore that type of content don’t see it if you are not adult because seriously it’s not good for your health and not good for your future.


Disadvantages of the Internet:


5.    Virus:
A virus is the combination of the malicious program or if you want to say that it is an application bug you’re you are right it is. If you are surfing the internet then you do not need to go unauthorized or unsecured site because most of the time this site affect your system and hacked it.
Disadvantages of the Internet:


These are also some great disadvantages to the internet:
1.     Hacking.
2.     Addiction
3.     Bullying

Conclusion: –

Use the internet as you require not to make it habitual.
The overdose of any think is harmful to us. And play with its advantages points, not disadvantages points okay.
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