Law of Attraction


1. Definition of law of attraction.
2. The movie based on the law of attraction
3. All possible explanation of the law of attraction.
Definition of Law of Attraction: –


Hello, today’s topic is very different from all of the topic. Today we will discuss the law of attraction. Most of the people don’t know about this even I also heard about this word 2 days ago, so I completed my whole search about the law of attraction and I want to talk about “law of attraction definition”, what is it? And a movie based on the law of attraction.


Did you know that the law of attraction is always working? It’s like the all newton law. Yes, of course, there is a great logic behind the law of attraction. So if you want to know the law of attraction definition, how it manifests and it’s something or not. Then stay tuned with us.


In a simple note, if you want to define what Law of attraction then is, the law of attraction is totally work on your belief and on your felling.

Definition of Law of Attraction: “The law of attraction is the belief that focusing on positive negative thoughts brings a positive or negative experience in life. Teaching is based on the idea that both people and their thoughts are made from both pure energy and through it. The process of attracting energy can improve the person’s health and personal relationships.”


You can ignore your negative overthinking, and remember the power that you really are. Instead say something more positive. This is your invitation to make them more positive in reality. As Neville Goddard says, “Everything is yours to take.

Movie Based On Law of Attraction: –


1. There is a movie in a Bollywood that name is Om Santi Om, there is one dialogue that is – “Say if you want something from the heart … then the whole world takes you into trying to match you.” That is only a dialogue that is the fact this based on the law of attraction. WHAT IS THE REALITY OF DARK SIDE OF THE MOON


2. If you want to understand the law of attraction very clearly then you have to watch “The Number 23” movie, you see how Walter Sparrow looks like 23 numbers everywhere, all of this is based on the principle of the law of attraction.


If you are a little bit confused by the definition of the law of attraction then don’t worry I am here to explain it in a very very simple way. So let’s start –


Here is some explanation of “Law of Attraction”: –


1.     In a definition of Law of Attraction is totally based on your belief how, suppose if anyone says you close your eyes and don’t think about your mother don’t think, don’t think how she looks, how old she is then what happens your mother face came that exactly how the law of attraction works. If you are thinking soo much about anything then the whole universe collects that think and serve you in a very beautiful manner.


2.     Second is that if you are in a relationship with a girl and you have doubt on her if you are thinking she cheats you then what happens. That time you realize that everything against your girlfriend. And you all  points is proved that your girlfriend is cheating but these all are happing because of your belief (law of attraction)


3.     Suppose if you are very and very brilliant student mainly in mathematics and math is very easy for you. And now you are starting to thinking math is soo hard and I am not good in math then what happened, the result of your over thinking is you did not solve maths problems so easily.   


Clarifications about the law of attraction:


1.     Like attracts like.


2.     You get what you think.


3.     Everything is created by this law: galaxies, planets, metals, rocks and even plants, animals and humans.


4.     Filling the mind with anxiety and worry brings with it unhappiness and stress.


5.     Thoughts attract appropriate situations and circumstances.


6.     This law is a manifestation of the creative power of the Universe.


7.     When you feel feelings and thoughts about hardships and obstacles, you get it.


8.     Your thoughts determine how you live.


9.     If you fill the mind with happy thoughts, your life will be happy.


10. You move into your life, which you focus on.


11. Positive thoughts attract positive events. Negative thoughts attract negative events.


12. It is not enough to wish for something, you need a strong desire and faith to show what you want.


13. For your thoughts to manifest, you must often repeat them and add feelings, desires, and interests.


14. The mind acts like a magnet.


15. If you think ahead and expect success and leave no doubt in your head, you will ultimately succeed.


16.Similar energy attracts similar energy.


17. This law is used by everyone, though mostly unconsciously.


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