3 Unseen Law Of SEO of 2019 (It help you to rank #1 on google)

unseen law of seo

Google’s algorithms are like a maze. So how do you get the ranking? By experimenting. But, you know what? Even if you experiment, success is not guaranteed due to The Three Unseen SEO Laws.

Hello everyone, I am Rajeev. And today I will break the three Unseen SEO laws.

This is not just a regular type of SEO’s law like- building backlinks, improve your bounce rate blah, blah, blah. These are definitely helpful for your website to rank on google. But here I am talking about the unseen SEO laws. No one knows about this.

Now I have a question for you. If you use all this SEO material that experts recommend, including me, what is the likelihood that your traffic will increase? If you’re not seeing your traffic going up. Leave a comment with NO. As you watch your traffic increase, leave a comment with YES. I am just curious.

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Now let’s go into the unseen laws of SEO

The Three Unseen Laws of SEO (It help you to rank #1 on google)


1st Unseen Law of SEO – BRAND QUERIES


The first unseen law is brand queries. Most people do not realize that. They are only thought about SEO, oh, you have to build the backlinks, you need to have those tactics on the page and all the tips I tell you and other experts say you’re right.

But the problem is that if you do not take advantage of the other things that people do not talk about, which Google is focusing on especially in the future, you will not be well.

And the first one is brand queries. Eric Schmidt once said a quote and talked about brands being the solution. This separates good companies from bad ones. And I’m slaughtering your quote because I did not memorize it. But building a brand makes you better. You hear bad news across the web. It’s not just a problem with Facebook. It’s also a problem with Google and all social websites. So they want to focus on the good quality content.

The good sites that aren’t pushing out this junk that’s duping people. How do they know that your site has valuable information? Brand queries.

Good sites that are not pulling out the junk that are cheating people. How do they know that your site has valuable information? Brand queries

If you use Google Trends and compare your brand name with your competitor. You will see how popular your brand is. In short, Google is giving you free tools that will show you whether your brand is going up right, is flat, or going down. And the goal is that you continue to grow your brand because the larger you make your brand, the better you are and in the long run, the higher your ranking.

To give you a prime example of this, when I was not getting many brand queries, I was ranking the hardest time for keyword marketing online. Without creating any additional links, without changing any of my content, the moment my brand queries started increasing, I shot at the top of page one for the online marketing term. Then I realize the power of the brand queries.

2nd Unseen Law of SEO – USER EXPERIENCE


The second unseen law of SEO I have for you is user experience.

It does not matter how well you have worked with SEO. How you’ve made many backlinks, how optimized your title tags, you’ve AB tested them, you’ve written amazing content.

If your user experience sucks, users go to your website, and they bounce back and do not find what they’re looking for. And you will not rank well in the long term. Google uses so-called user metrics. Like-

  1. Time on site,
  2. Dwell time,
  3. Are people hitting the back button right when they come to your site (bounce rate?)
  4. Page views per visitor.

All these things based on what the user does search and Google then compares that to all the other people that rank for the same term. It’ll tell them if you should rank higher than the other people. Doesn’t matter if you optimize them or not. If you aren’t happy with the experience on your Website, you’re not going to do well.

So just do not think about SEO, optimize your site, build links, and write amazing content. All of you see a good product and a good service. Having a good product and service helps the user experience. People like Dropbox and slack companies, because they have not done well because of their SEO. Even Airbnb, not before due to their SEO. They have done everything well because they have tried to create the best user experience for the people.

HECK, Airbnb also learned that when they sent a professional photographer to people’s homes to take pictures, their conversion rate increased. People like it.

This is an example of creating a wonderful user experience.

3rd Unseen Law of SEO – VOICE SEARCH

The third unseen law of SEO is, SEO’s going to adapt and as long as you adapt with it you’re going to be fine but most people aren’t.

Here’s what I mean. I talk about things like Voice Search. According to ComScore, 2020 half of the searching result work on voice searches. But yet no one has ever cared about it or talking about it because voice search is not so sexy for people.

If you are not up to date with technology, the changes are happening, you will not do well in the long run. And it does not just stop with voice search. Understand this in a way that Google Home connected with your entire home, even your microwave, is connected to your oven.

As you are making a meal on your oven, you can finish by saying. “Hey Google, what are some recipes for pasta?” I do not cook, but you understand the point. That will end the pulling from the search results. If you are not friendly with technology and where the world is going, then you are staying behind and you will not rank well in the long run.

So as long as you follow those three rules you’ll do well. But the moment you don’t, no matter how much SEO you do, you won’t rank at the top and if you do, it will only be temporarily. And if you want more help with your marketing, you can mail me any time on [email protected] Where I help companies get to the top of Google, whether it’s organic or paid.

Thank you for reading my article. If you enjoyed this make sure you comment below, share it tell other people about it and subscribe to a website and any questions. Leave a comment below. I’ll make sure I answer them and help you out.


Thank you for reading.

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