What is internet

What is the internet?

whats is internet, what is the internet.

Most people have no idea what the Internet is, where it comes from or how it works. It’s so small and people do not need to know it. It’s like asking who has invested the fountain pen, the tires or the condom.
These are all things we use in our daily routine or even every day, we don’t know about that one day someone invented this thing. But-but-but it’s important to know what the Internet is and how it works because this day we all are cover by the internet. The internet is on your right side is on your left side, up and down everywhere is the internet. So stay with us and come and let’s know “what is the internet


So, let’s began


What the internet is not?


1.      The Internet is not a bubble cloud. (what is cloud)


2.      Not mobile data.


3.      And it’s also not similar to cloud computing. (what Is cloud computing)


So the question is raises what is the internet mean so it’s a very simple “Internet is the wire (thread)” very simple. In fact, buried in the ground, it could be a copper optical fiber or sometimes transmitted to satellites or networks of phones. “👈


How Internet Works – Explain with the image example: –


how internet works
Here computer-1 & computer-2 communicate through the wire and wire play the role of the internet as you see in the image.



The true story of the internet by Vint Cerf (Father of the Internet) in his own words.


Before I begin, I want to tell you that Vint Cerf is the father of the Internet. It introduces us first what is the Internet and how it works. The Internet is like that. Many years ago in the early 1970s. Vint Cerf and his partner, Bob Kahn, are working on the design of what we call now the Internet. It was the result of another experiment called ARPANET.


ARPANET is a stand of Advanced Research Project Agency Network. It was the research project of the Ministry of Defense. Paul Baran was trying to find a way to build a communication system that could survive a nuclear attack. As much as possible in all possible directions through the mesh network. So they built what eventually became a national experimental network of packages, and it worked. And how the internet born.



Who controls the internet?


The honest answer is a no one and maybe another answer is everyone (whole world). The real answer is that the internet consists of an incredibly large number of independently operating networks.
The interesting thing about the system is that it is fully distributed. There is no central control that determines how packets (sets of information which travel through the wires or buses) are routed, where network elements are built or which are connected. These are all business decisions that are taken independently by the operators.


They are all motivated to ensure end-to-end connectivity of every part of the network because the network’s usefulness is that each device can communicate with any other device. Just as you want to be able to make calls to any other phone in the world. There is nothing like that that was built before.
The idea that what you can be useful for someone else or vice versa is a powerful motivator for sharing information. That is the way science is made, people share information. This is an opportunity for people to design new applications, perhaps to program them as mobile applications, and perhaps to participate in the limited growth of the network infrastructure to offer them to people who do not already have access, or use it daily. You cannot escape contact with the internet, so why not know and use it.
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