Windows 10 Activation Crack


Windows 10 Activation Crack

Hello, friends, I am Rajeev and today I will show you an easy way to activate all type of window 10 versions. I will tell you how to crack window 10 easily and freely with a 100% guarantee.
I am going to tell you all possible ways to activate your window 10.
But Window activation by these methods are not soo much safe or not legal, I recommend you to please go Microsoft official website and buy genuine window. It’s very safe and good for you and your system.


What is the mean by window 10 activation crack?
Window activation crack key means very simple how we activate the window by some free method or by some tricks. If you really want to active window 10, I will tell you the 3 evergreen crack method to activate window 10.
By using these methods you easily activate you window 10 without facing any issue like – virus, Trojan etc… so if you want to know these amazing tricks stay tuned with us: –


How To Activate Window 10 or How To Window 10  Activation Crack: –

Now, I am going to show you the top three methods for activating window 10 or even you say that I will teach you how to crack window 10 or window 10 activation crack.

Methods – 1: Crack window 10 activations by NOTEPAD PROGRAMMING.

Step to active window 10 with the help of NOTEPAD PROGRAMMING.
1.     Open you any type of internet browser (google chrome).
2.     And search “”.
3.     Now copy all the text and paste it into notepad.
4.     And save it by the name of Activator.cmd
5.     And run as administrator.
6.     Keep your internet ON.

Methods – 2: Crack window 10 activations by Microsoft Toolkit

The main advantage of Microsoft toolkit is it supports all version of Microsoft Windows system, including Windows 10/8/8.1/7, etc.
The main feature of Microsoft Toolkit:
1.     This tool free for everyone and its user’s face is very friendly.
2.     By this tool, you easily activate your Windows 10 Pro as well as MS Office.
3.     Permanently activate your window, not for a short time.
4.     The main advantage of this tool is it no need of internet.
5.     If you want to get this tool copy that and google it simple.
Step to active window 10 with the help of Microsoft Toolkit
1.     First of all, you have to download it and install it on your computer.
2.     And run it as an administrator.
3.     Select the Windows icon.
4.     Select the column of the product key.


Windows 10 Activation Crack


5.     If you don’t know your product name and edition then click on the check system and they will show you your product name and edition.
6.     Choose your product and edition and click on install.
7.     After installation goes to the activation section.
8.     And choose EZ-activator


Windows 10 Activation Crack


9.     Now, wait until the procedure completely.




Methods – 3 – Crack window 10 activations by KMSpico

If above 2 methods don’t successfully active your window 10 then don’t we worry. This tool definitely active your window, 100% guarantee from my side don’t worry and try this tool. KMSpico is one of the most popular window activator tools. It active all type of window versions – 10/8.1/8/7 every type of window version. Why are you not try such an amazing tool?
The main feature of KMSpico:
1.     Totally free for everyone.
2.     Permanent Activator.
3.     Virus free tool.
Step to active window 10 with the help of KMSpico
1.     Firstly you have to download it from for window 10 pro crack.

Windows 10 activation crack by kmspico

2.     Go to the start button and click KMSpico. Click yes when the User Account Control window appears. You will see the following feature on the left side image. Depending on the programs installed on your PC, the icon will automatically be recognized in the software and the red button will be displayed.

Windows 10 activation crack by kmspico

3.     Press the red button to start the window 10 activation process.
4.     If you want to check your system is activated or not you just click on blue (i) button.


Why we activate window 10?

Everyone always finds, what are the methods to activate window 10 in freely, how we activate window 10, and Windows 10 activation crack but what is the benefits and what are the advantages and disadvantage for activating window 10 have you ever thought about that? No! Why?
You must have knowledge about what you are going to do or not what is the benefit of that work or is there beneficial for you or not.
So let’s know what main difference between activated window and de-activated window is


Disadvantages of DEACTIVATED WINDOW 10

1.     A big watermark.


Windows 10 activation crack


2.     You even get proper updates from Microsoft. Like – You only get the critical update not the optional update
3.     You even customize or personalize your computer if you window 10 is not activated.
I hope you have satisfied with these methods and you window 10 will be activated successfully.
If you have any problem regarding your computer please email us or comment on us, we will definitely give you a great solution.
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